Grand Junction is such an interesting town to visit – I am really glad we stopped here and we could easily have spent another day. It has lots of individual shops selling all manner of things from antiques to art and everything in between. There is a big foodie bias – lots of breweries and wineries and shops selling artisan cheeses – one stocked 54 varieties of extra virgin olive oil.

Main Street is lined with sculptures – public art – but with a quirky, fun bias rather than anything high brow.

There was a fascinating shop dedicated to cheese and wine making, selling numerous vsrieties of yeast and hops. 

Another shop had a massive selection of yarns and threads for knitting an embroidery. The shop window display encouraged you to “find your inner knitter”. 

There is a bit of a hippy feel to the place – it reminded me of a tiny version of San Fransisco. Joss stick scent and music of all sorts wafted out from many of the shops.

We found the now famous Engstrom Candy shop and bought a couple of tiny tasting bars of their first ever product – almond toffee. It was absolutely delicious – rather like a soft, luxurious and nutty version of a Crunchie bar. they ship it all over the world.

According to our cab driver, there isn’t an awful lot of well paid work here though and the town suffered a lot during the recession. It has a lot going for it though I think now. There a lot of good restaurants Downtown. We didn’t manage to get to the Pallsade area in the end, but there are many vineyards and wineries to visit there. There are numerous golf courses around here too – for some reason – and it is also home to the University of Colorado. I wouldn’t choose to live here – it is way too small – but I could while a way a few happy weeks exploring it in much more depth and enjoying the “scene” I think. 

We nostalgically chose a French restaurant for our evening meal – Le Rouge. it was pretty authentic althoug brought the check before offering us an espresso – can you imagine that happening anywhere in France?!

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