All in all, this was an unexpected mini highlight of the trip.  For a room 1/6th of the price of the luxurious Sal Salis Resort we had just come from, we had a comfortable bed, bathroom and all you would expect from a decent motel room.  The bonus though was great local company in the bar during happy hour (the beer is very cheap here at $6 a pint) – we cried laughing at some of the good humoured banter.   T
This was followed by a great steak in the “Hot Rocks” restaurant.  You cook your steak just to your liking on a hot lava rock at your table. There are no photos, unfortunately, as I was expecting an ordinary motel meal here.  The desserts are cooked on hot rocks too, I later discovered from the exceptionally friendly and helpful receptionist – so we missed out there I think.   All in all a great choice for an overnight stop to break the long journey to Kalbarri – hats off to the team there.  There is quite a bit to do in Carnarvon too – we could easily have spent two nights here rather than one – and got to try those desserts.  Hindsight – is a wonderful thing.

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