The hotel was easy to find and the room was massive and comfortable. You can see from the photos that there was a rather oddly placed hot tub right in the middle of the bedroom. It had full length mirrors and a plant in the corner of it and a basket of folded towels at the side – I am searching for an adjective here – and a few (pejorative) come to mind – but I am going to plump for ….. AWESOME! the power shower was excellent too.

Dinner was at the Macenzie pizzeria.  There was a key lime martini on the menu, which I felt I had to try. It was a bit like a cheesecake in a glass, with sweet graham crackers around the rim. Travelling is all about new experiences – some you want to repeat, others, you don’t.

Breakfast was a bit of an experience too. There was a waffle maker in the breakfast buffet. I didn’t really feel like eating a waffle, but – well – I may never get the chance to try making one again?! Becky – this was a “wish you were here” moment – you would have LOVED this gadget. It worked perfectly! I think you would have been cooking waffles for the whole dining room!

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