We got talking to a couple of local guys in the Deadman’s Bar last night – well actually, they’d started the conversation by asking us how we were enjoying our visit to the colonies. We laughed at this and the conversation went on for an hour or more by which time we had sorted out American politics, English politics, beer, whisky, resource management and – well we ran out of time for world peace. They asked us where we were headed next and when we said Rock Springs , they told us this was the armpit of Wyoming, in their opinion. Great – so we are aiming for the armpit then!

We headed off towards Jackson and stopped off at the National Museum of Wildlife Art on the way. This was a fantastic museum – really worth the stop, I would go so far as to say that if you have time to visit only one museum in this area, this should be your choice. Jane/Julian – we could easily have spent a while day here with you! The photos hopefully give you some idea of the treasures they have here. It struck me that the artworks were actually so much better than the real thing – you would never see a bear with a thick, glossy, black coat just in the right light and in the right place now would you – and if you ever did, it would have moved before you cold paint it – and reached for your pepper spray ? The ones we see are usually preoccupied with eating, or have their backs to you or are all covered in dust!

Jackson looked like a fun place to stay. The famous arches are made of elk antlers which are shed naturally after the fall rut each year. They are gathered up by the Boy Scouts and auctioned off each year. The proceeds are used to buy food for the neighbouring Elk Refuge to support the elk over the Winter.

We stopped for a coffee in a café and were amused to see coverage of the Nudge Unit that apparently Britain is pioneering. David Hallern, Head of the Orwellian sounding Behavioural Insights Team was being interviewed. It is all about persuading people to do the right thing – even if it isn’t what they would naturally want to do – e.g. save more, eat the right food, don’t drop litter etc. They reported that a “few” supermarkets had moved candy away from the tills in response – just how inaccurate is that?!

We reached Rock Springs by mid afternoon. It isn’t a great location, but the hotel is really comfortable and has a great swimming pool. It was as far as we wanted to drive in one day anyway. All the town signs around here seem to show population and elevation – Rock Springs has a population of 23,276 and an elevation of 6,271 feet and that’s about all there is to say about it. I’m glad we picked a decent hotel! Dinner was a Chinese in the nearby Bonsai restaurant, which made a nice change.

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