We made an early start today to join a float trip down the Snake River.  

We had a hot coffee for breakfast by our fireplace in the log cabin – no food needed after last night’s dinner. The float trip in the cool morning air was peaceful and relaxing. We saw pronghorn and a mountain bluebird and a bald eagle that refused to fly for us.  

Mountain and lake scenery does it for me every time. I would very much like to come here in Spring (I.e. last week June/1st week July) to see the alpine flowers in bloom. Now though, we have the beautiful fall colours of the cottonwood and aspen trees. It is such a short season here – soon (2 weeks max,) – the trees will be reduced to twigs again and the snow will come – up to 300 inches in Jackson usually and 700 inches in the mountains.

I learned what a dude ranch is – they sell you the experience of being a Wild West cowboy for a bit and living on a ranch for a while – and get you to work through your vacation – hence the name.

We had a “light lunch” (?!) and joined a trail with Ranger Jamie up to Taggart Lake. it was a lovely Fall stroll.  

The conversation in the group along the trail touched on some deep subjects – sustainability, resource management and how to find your niche – i.e. The place where you will best thrive as a human being – not just exist or get by – truly thrive. That’s a tough one – Tim was first to share his view with the group. 

The rest of the group stayed down by the lake for a bit – we walked back to the top with Jamie. She gave us a couple of Jackson restaurant recommendations that, sadly we just won’t have enough to time to take her up one now. If you go to Jackson yourself though, you might like to know that the locals recommend d The Blue Lion and Nanis. Doornans in Moose is another favourite hangout for locals – we called in briefly, but didn’t have time to stop – it looked great though!

We chose off the half portions menu for dinner – a bowl of Chilli (elk and beef) with a house salad, washed down with Moose Drool ale – scrumptious.

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