We took a long day hike into Cascade Canyon today. Even with the boat ride across Jenny Lake, it is still a 10 mile hike. We were rewarded with fine views of the changing Autumn foliage. 

Personally, I didn’t find the view from Inspiration Point particularly inspirational – after the very strenuous hike through thin air, I was really hoping for something more – but I did have a sense of achievement for accomplishing the hike this far and enthusiasm to press on to the Forks – the majority of people get no further than Inspiration Point, but the trails flattens out after this, so why not press on?


Inspiration Point

We also saw a male elk – hard to pick out amongst all the trees in the forest and we didn’t want to stay too long for fear of scaring him as this is rutting season.  

We met up with our “hiking buddies” from Chicageo again – we have picked out all the same hikes during our stay in Grand Teton!  They managed to see marmots and a moose on this trail – we must have been admiring the Autumn colours too much to spot these! 

It is really hard to capture the beauty of the Autumn foliage in photos – the sun was so strong all day. We have had absolutely amazing weather all trip so far. The orange and gold is abundant, but I would have liked to capture a bit more of the red you glimpse now and then. In a week or two, it will all be over and Winter will set in. Maybe in Rocky Muuntain National Park …?

If we had added another 5.4 miles to our trail, we could have reached Solitude Lake – named for a reason I guess! I would love to do this length of hike – but maybe in Scotland, with no bears around. We would need to take a month or so to get decent weather I think – another trip is formulating …

I did take a picture of the cow parsley – not at its best at this time of year, but I imagine it in a rich gold against a tapestry of red, orange and green fall background – or – a dark silhouette against a setting sun background – something I could stitch out. So – you may well see this picture turned into something much more splendid one day!  

The Teton range reflected in Jackson Lake is one of my favourite views on this portion of the trip. 

We pass it frequently as we drive the short distances around the Park. This is a very compact and relaxed Park – 100% nicer, in my view, than Yellowstone. I really wish we could have stayed a bit longer. Sunset from Signal Mountain is also a really lovely view.

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