What a difference a week can make?  Last Saturday, we were eating out in a restaurant with friends and family, hugging and kissing each other warmly as usual.  Everyone knew that the coronavirus was out there of course and was a real threat, but it still felt like something that was happening a long way away from the UK. Life was rolling along pretty much as normal really – well – apart from people opening doors with their elbows and singing Happy Birthday to themselves while they washed their hands that is. I have my hair cut in a packed hairdressing salon (Thank you God for letting me squeeze that one in), text my friends to say that I’m looking forward to seeing them in the first week of April (the motorways will always be open surely?) and go to my full Zumba class as usual, only without choosing a coloured rag to wave as we dance.  It felt a bit silly declining to choose a colourful rag from the bag that got passed around, but, well – best to play safe?  The cheery class leader advises us all to eat plenty of greens to boost our immune systems.  Must make a shopping list for the week-end.  Mmmm – what goes well with cabbage …?

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