Don't Feed the Baboons ...!

It took us 5 hours to reach Hlangana Lodge.  There was little traffic and the route was indeed scenic.  We passed a woman carrying a large cardboard book on her head – no hands – better deportment than you see on most high streets back home.  Several people had woolly hats on – odd as it was over 30 today.  We also saw an ostrich running wild, with 3 chicks..

Flora and Fauna


The highlight though was the baboon troop running across the motorway. We were looking out for them as there were notices warning you not to feed the baboons. Hard to photograph through the car window and we didn’t want to slow down too much or stop for obvious reasons.

Don't feed the Baboons!
Don't Feed the Baboons South Africa
Baboons South Africa
Don't Feed the Baboons
Don't Feed the Baboons

Le Roux Townhouse

Hlangana Lodge is very comfortable.  We just had time to visit Le Roux Town House in the afternoon – a feather palace built as a holiday home for wealthy ostrich feather merchants.

It was a very pretty house – occupied until the late 1960’s.  We needed to go on Friday as they aren’t open on Saturdays.

Foodie Firsts

Pineapple beer (very refreshing)

Ostrich Carpaccio

Malta cake

Traditional african bobotie (ba-boor-tea) at the Black Swan Restaurant. It was too far to walk – even for us – (despite the hotel description) – but they provided a free shuttle service, so it didn’t matter.  This was our best Neal of the trip so far!


The men who “looked after our car” for us when we parked by the Le Roux Townhouse. Another reason not to walk into town – we had thanked them enough already and wouldn’t have wanted to meet up with them again after dark

Wish I Had Packed

A cool kaftan.

Interesting Discovery

Ostrich confetti. What will they think of next?!

Don't Feed the Baboons Ostrich Confetti
Ostrich Confetti - What will they think of next?!