After four days of 5 am starts and an hour and a half drive back through driving rain in an open truck, we woke at 4am to a big thunder storm – the lightning lit up the tent and thunder rolled all around for some hours.  In view of the weather, we decided to abandon the 5am game drive and take some much needed down time this morning.  Good call – one of the other vehicles turned back after just 1 km! We have seen so much here already after three days that missing out on one game drive didn’t seem like a big deal anyway.  On reflection, 3 nights would have been sufficient – even with good weather every day.


Just for the record – we did see a hippo on our stay here .  OK, this is obviously world’s worst photo – but still – we really did see one!


As we weren’t going for a game drive this morning, we went on a visit to the Born Free Sanctuary where they look after animals rescued after injury/poacher attack etc.  We saw a beautiful white lion that looked like he had been at the hairdressers all morning and – a leopard!  So that makes the Big Five after all!

After lots of 5am starts – we felt rather like the two lions in the last photo.

Highlight – sharing laughs with new friends – all clad in rain ponchos – on the trip to Born Free (through non functioning solar powered gates!).

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