Now that our trip has come to an end, it is time for some final reflections. This is the first travel blog I have ever written and my purpose is really threeefold:

  1. To help me savour the memories – the details all fade so quickly once you hit home turf.
  2. To help others planning their big trip – I hope my highlights and lowlights have been useful.
  3. To let interested friends read at their own pace, so I don’t bore them with too many photos!

It has been fun to write – I hope it has been fun to read.

My final reflection from the trip is that the best photos are those that really capture the excitement you felt when you wanted to capture the image. I have learned a lot on this trip about shutter speed, aperture size etc. etc. and I have taken some good photos and some not so good photos, but my favourites are those that capture the excitement of the moment, whatever their technical attributes. There have been so many moments I have wanted to capture on this trip – as the Alaskans might say, “it has been a blast.”

Over and out …

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