I spend the day trying to secure as many refunds as I can for future trips that now look very unlikely to go ahead.  At first, I am intent on recovering as much cash as possible, but as I work through the calls, I find myself increasingly allowing future credits and accepting no refunds at all from people whose businesses are in danger of collapsing.  We never make big purchases lightly and in these troubled times, you need to be even more careful than usual to spend money wisely – right?  We debate the pros and cons of buying a big freezer to put in the garage.  The thought of it filled with frozen food that we can access if/when we run out makes me feel so much better.  We go through all the arguments about being able to bulk buy when special offers are on etc.  Yes, they are expensive – but we eventually decide to go for it.  We drive down to the local electrical shop and they laugh gently as they tell us that they sold out two days ago and have no idea when they are likely to get another delivery.  I need to go shopping again – NOW!  I do better this time, I really do.    I start thinking hard about what I can do without and what really is essential.  This time, I come back with two tins of carrot soup, 1 tin of French onion soup, 2 tins of tomatoes and tea bags (thanks be to God especially for those!) .  I would have bought another tin of French onion soup (we like to have the same soup when we have lunch together), but it was limited to three per customer and I know I have a tin of that in my store cupboard.  For once, I know everything in my store cupboard – intimately.  I have rather a lot of nuts, lentils and dried fruit that I need to use up somehow.  I know the contents of the freezer in my kitchen pretty well too – but not quite as well as I know my store cupboard.  Note to self – really must label plastic freezer boxes more efficiently in future …. That tin of French Onion soup I had in my store cupboard had a sell by date of 2/3/19.  Second note to self – must be MUCH more rigorous about keeping track of sell by dates on things.  Must remember to add to tomorrow’s To Do list to check on how safe it is to eat tins which are past their sell by date.

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