I brace myself to drive to Morrisons and shop for the coming week.  We agree  (after lengthy discussion!) that my husband (who has chronic asthma) stays in the car while I do the actual shopping.  We live right in the centre of a big city and Morrisons is a large and usually very busy place.  At 10 am, it was eerily quiet there.  There was no queue, everyone was observing social distancing very responsibly and the shelves were relatively well stocked.  Armed with a carefully made list of real essentials, I shopped with military precision not needing to retrace my steps at all.  Morrisons was impeccably well organised. I never had to get more than 3 metres from anyone and I found everything I needed except some couscous.  There were no toilet rolls – but I have a pack now, so that’s OK.  There was no soap either.  Well there was actually.  There were bars of soap rather than the squidgy stuff I usually like to buy – but that hardly matters does it?  I left it for now – I’ll see if the squidgy stuff arrives next week.   I smiled to myself as I listened to Brotherhood of Man playing Save all your Kisses for Me and thought it would be good if they maybe played a bit of Police (Don’t Stand so Close to Me) next time? 

Our favourite checkout girl, Angela, was on duty and I was so pleased to have the chance to chat to her as she zapped my careful purchases and sent them on their way down the long 3 metres stretch of conveyer belt that opened up between her and me.  “Where is your hoozband?” she asked me.  “Sitting in the car, miserable” I replied.  Her eyes widened as her face fell and showed genuine sadness.  “Is he sick?”  God bless you Angela.  “No – just bored and lonely sitting in the car when he could be talking to his favourite checkout girl!.  We had a good laugh and a bit of a chat and both thanked each other for being there. I peeled off my surgical gloves, dumped them safely in the store bin and drove home. 

​I unpacked my shopping feeling grateful that I had been able to find it and to pay for it and that I had, again made it home safely.  I know that strictly speaking, I will have to wait for 7 days to see if I have really made it home safely or not or whether my trip to the shops has left me infected and I am one of the unlucky ones who is not able to fight off the infection.  For now though, I am alive, I am well, I am at home with the person I love most in all the world and all the friends and family that are dear to me are safe – which is really all that ever matters isn’t it?

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