Goodbye Shamwari - Hallo Knysna

This morning was our last 5am start and our last game drive. It was time for us to say “Goodbye Shamwari – Hallo Knysna”.  Sicla was on a mission to find me more elephants – not too difficult to track with the large prints their feet make. They are rather like huge marshmallows!

On our last day at Shamwari, we saw a giant African snail, giraffes necking and – LOTS of elephants.

Goodbye Shamwari - Giant African Snail
Shamwari - Giant African Snail

Sicla did a sport of weeding – prickly plants are alien plants here and they are worried about them spreading. 

Goodby Shamwari Sicla - Doing the Weeding
Sicla - Doing the Weeding

We were collected by a driver from Pembury Tours and dropped off at Port Elizabeth Airport to pick up a hire car for the last week of our trip.

It took us 5 hours to drive to Knysna (pronounced Nize-na). We were very conscious of speed cameras all the way – there is zero tolerance on the speed limits here.

Learning the Lingo

Robots – traffic lights

Bleed me dries – mobile phones


Trust me, you really DO NOT want to get as close as we did to a farting elephant.