Robberg Peninsula

We hiked the Robberg Peninsula today – a really lovely walk. The weather was overcast, which was a bit of a shame, but it was warm and dry at least. There are a lot of lovely coastal and forest walks around Knysna – much nicer than the built up areas all around the coast from here to Plettenberg Bay (Plett).

Knysna Plettenberg Bay from the Robberg Peninsula
Plettenberg Bay from the Robberg Peninsula

Flora and Fauna

There is a cape fur seal colony on the Robberg Peninsula and lots of  dolphin pods. 

Kysna Cape Fur Seal Colony Robberg Peninsula
Cape Fur Seal Colony Robberg Peninsula
Knysna Robberg Peninsula
Robberg Peninsula

Brenton on Sea

A bit further along the coast is Brenton on Sea – a nice little place with a lovely 9 km return walk along the shoreline. We hadn’t got time for that today, unfortunately.

Knysna Brenton on Sea
Brenton on Sea


1 hour queuing time to get to the trailhead at Robberg Peninsula.   Lots of paperwork was required for a permit – 40R per adult.

In parts of the Garden Route along the coast, there are townships on both sides of the road – not at all scenic.

Lots of properties here have electric fences protecting them and most shops/hotels etc seem to have 24 hour armed respond security.

A quarter of the back page of the Visit Knysna tourism flier has safety advice for tourists. All common sense stuff, but disconcerting nonetheless. 

Not so Nicena Knysna
Knysna - Not so Nicena ...
Knysna - A Local Supermarket
Knysna - A Local Supermarket

Foodie Firsts

Jungle Oats porridge for breakfast.   Not particularly nice, as it turned out. I was advised to choose this rather than the alternative opinion – Malta Bella porridge, so that must have been even worse! I much preferred breakfasting on the fresh guavas at Shamwari.

Local gin – which tasted of fynbos.