Sandwood Bay - One of Scotland's Most Beautiful Hidden Beaches

About 20 miles from Durness, via Kinlochbervie, the road turns off to the right towards Oldshoremore and leads to a car park at Blairmore where you can take a 4.5 mile walk to one of Scotland’s most beautiful hidden beaches –  Sandwood Bay

At the end off the path, the moorland gives way to huge sand dunes which run down to a 2 mile long sandy beach.  This is one of the few places left in the world where you can still go wild camping – no permit needed, just a “leave it as you find it” respect for nature.  The path is well formed, so carrying all the necessary gear would be feasible – maybe next time?!

Life is good on Sandwood Bay
Life is good on Sandwood Bay

We passed a troupe of 30 or more E Type Jaguars en route, driven by a jolly crowd of enthusiasts often wearing his and hers coloured hats/helmets.  They honked and waved as we pulled into passing place after passing place along the single track road to let them pass.  

From the car park, the well formed path passes a series of pretty lochs through peat moorland all the way down to the coast.  The lochs were a deep blue and the moorland shone with purple heather, glistening after the rain earlier in the morning.  
Am Buachaille Stack Sandwood Bay

Fascinating Facts

Britain’s most recent sighting of a mermaid was allegedly recorded here in 1900.  She is supposed to have red hair, green-blue eyes and a 7ft yellow body.  She didn’t make an appearance today.  

One of Nature's Little Treats Let there be mermaids

What did surprise us though was a short, sharp hailstorm which inflicted itself on us as soon as we arrived at the beach.  It was soon over though and the sun shone through afterwards and dried us out pretty quickly.

Life is Good Hailstorm on Sandwood Bay


Numark pocket tissues – they seemed like a good buy at 15p a packet, but disintegrated far too easily.  Note to self – buy Kleenex next time!

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