Life's a Beach in Whangamata

Barefoot Walking

If it’s good enough for the kiwis, then it’s good enough for us  -we walked 10k today – barefoot!

OK – it was along Opoutere Beach, which I guess is cheating a bit, but it was a start.  We were practically on our own on this beautiful beach despite glorious weather. 

Whangamata is pronounced Wanga-matt-are rather than Wangamatter – which is how the Aussies say it, apparently.  Locals like it to be pronounced correctly.

Life is a beach in Whangamata
Life is a beach in Whangamata
Opoutere Beach Whangamata
Opoutere Beach
Life is a beach in Whangamata

Foodie Firsts

Mac’s Birthday Suit Ale – designed for savouring and we did.

Orange and choc chip ice creams at Whangamata Beach.

​Kikorangi Cheese – a creamy golden curd with rivers of dark blue – enjoyed with a few dates back at our B & B.

Whangamata Mac's Birthday Suit Ale

Flora and Fauna

We saw seagulls and oyster catchers, but did not see the endangered NZ dotterel..

Whangamata Opoutera Beach - Oyster Catchers
A pair of Oyster Catchers - Opoutera Beach


Finding a whole sand dollar – well it as a 2 dollar coin actually.  So that’s item 17 on the Whangamata bucket list ticked off!

Whangamatā Bucket List


They have tsunami warnings on the beach here.

The Temperature is Rising Hot Water Beach Whangamatā - Tsunami Warnings