The National Trust opens all its gardens free of charge – what a lovely thing to do!  Only now, they risk not being able to observe the social distancing regulations.  There is overcrowding on the trails in Snowdonia too, so they are thinking they might have to close those.  I have been keeping up with the news pretty avidly over the last few days, but the headlines are now getting increasingly difficult to stomach and I spend the day escaping by listening to classical music and sewing.  There is a constant stream of “funnies” coming in on my ‘phone from various sources and they do make me chuckle and help lighten the mood a bit.  Laughing is infectious too – in a really good way! 

​We brace ourselves for the 5pm broadcast and are unsurprised to find that the UK is now in lockdown.  I reflect that if I had listened to this announcement just a week ago, it would have had much more of an impact on me.  The events of the last few days have acted  rather like an anaesthetic, gradually preparing me for the inevitable and now the bad news has finally arrived, it feels strangely more bearable than if it had been totally unexpected.  I sleep deeply, finally, waking briefly at 3am to see if there are any on line shopping slots going anywhere.  I laugh at myself for even trying and then reflect that to even try to get a slot was pretty selfish and that I won’t be trying any more.

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