Oudtshoorn – Cango Caves and Ostriches

Cango Caves

Oudtshoorn is an interesting place and it is worth spending at least a day here – or better still two, if you can.

The Cango Caves are fascinating and the tours here are well run.  If you want to do the Adventure Trail, don’t eat too much on your trip in case you get stuck – the gaps are very narrow!

Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches Cango Caves
Oudtshoorn Cango Caves
Oudtshoorn Cango Caves Bats
Oudtshoorn Cango Caves Bats
Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches The Adventure Tou
Oudtshoorn Cango Caves Adventure Tour

Flora and Fauna

Oudtshoorn Ostrich Farm

Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches Ostrich Farm
Oudtshoorn Ostritch Farm view from the road

It’s one thing to see ostriches in the fields by the roadside – that was a first for me.  It is quite another to see them up close and personal on a visit to Cango Ostrich Farm.

You can learn a lot about these interesting creatures n a short visit. You can also stand on their eggs, have an ostrich hug and – if you are very brave – ride an ostrich.  I didn’t think it was very nice to do that – the birds have to have a bag put over their head before they are allowed to make the run.

Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches Up Close and Persona
Ostrich - up close and personal. They eat a lot of stones to aid their digestion. You can see them going down their long necks!

Must Do - An Ostrich Hug!

Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches Ostrich Egg Ostritch Farm Ostrich Standing on an Ostrich Egg
Standing on an Ostrich Egg - Fingers crossed they don't break!
Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches Baby Ostriches
Baby ostriches
Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches Ostrich Hug
An Ostrich Hug!
Oudtshoorn Ostritch Farm
The oldest breeding pair. She sits in the shade while he poses for a photo - showing off his fantastic feathers.
Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches Ostritch Farm Rides
Oudtshoorn Ostrich Farm - We declined a ride.
Oudtshoorn Caves and Ostriches Cango Caves Souvenirs
Oudtshoorn - Buying souvenirs - A Feather Duster

Fascinating Facts

Ostriches attack with their clawed feet – a swipe can tear through your flesh – so always approach them from behind!

Foodie Firsts

Biltong – I tried biltong again – a 10 rand packet bought from the Biltong Den in town this time.  It was  much nicer than what was served up at the hotel in Cape Town.

Learning the Lingo

Braai – BBQ

Robot – traffic light

Souvenir I'm Glad I Bought

A feather duster – or two!  The feather dusters here are top quality of course, as you would expect.  They come in all sizes, shapes and colours.  They even have cute little dusters just made for computer keyboards – the perfect souvenirs – pretty and useful too!

Wish I Had Seen

We would have liked to visit the CP NEL Museum in town, but it shuts on Saturdays – and by 5 in the week.  It has displays that tell you all about the history of Oudtshoorn and the role of the ostrich trade.  We could easily have spent another day here.