A 3 hour drive brought us into different countryside again.  The West coast of South Island is much wilder than the East≥. There were 8km high waves here during the recent cyclone which had a king tide.  They are bracing themselves and hoping that Cyclone Gita stays North and does ‘t real and more havoc down South.  We are obviously keeping our fingers crossed on that one too

​We had time to fit in a visit to Pancake rocks this afternoon – worth the trip..

Pancake Rocks

Glad I packed:

​A torch – finding our way back to our room at night would have been difficult in some o the locations we stayed in without one.  We can also use it when we visit a cave tomorrow.

A Sat Nav (pre-ordered with the hire car) – we could have managed without and used our road atlas, but it just made things SO much easier!

Water shoes – thanks Becky!  Great for the sea kayaking and walking on the beach.!

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