Puzzling World Wanaka

The weather turned chilly, very windy and promised rain in the afternoon.  We managed a leisurely stroll around the lakeside and then paid a visit to Puzzling World Wanaka.  We failed the challenge of exiting the giant maze within the 60 minutes target and gave up when we saw an emergency exit.  If there was one of these back home, it would make a fortune I think!

Hidden Gem

We hadn’t originally planned to visit Puzzling World in Wanaka, but we were glad to find it.  It is a bit of a hidden gem – great if you have children with you or if you are looking for something to do on a rainy day.  The attraction houses a whole host of illusional exhibits which turn your brain inside out.  You have to be there to get the real impression of it, but I can give you a small flavour with this puzzle:  How many animals can you see?

Puzzling World Wanaka
How many animals can you see?
The answer is 6.
Puzzling World Wanaka FedEx

Fascinating Facts

I never realised just how clever the FedEx brandname is before – can you see the arrow?

Puzzling World Wanaka - - find the love in hate - negative space

If you are struggling, it’s all about negative space.  Can you find the love in hate?

Puzzling World Wanaka
Puzzling World Wanaka