The travel arrangements all worked smoothly, despite some congestion on the M25. British Airways looked after us superbly well – the 9 hour flight sped by and I managed to actually sleep on a plane for probably the first time ever! Denver airport covers an area of 53 miles. It is the largest airport in the States apparently – massive! The free shuttle bus took us to the Hilton Double Tree in half an hour, driving through wide open prairie country – This was a surprise – I had expected it to be all built up? The hotel is 5 miles from Downtown Denver, so we haven’t actually had a glimpse of the Mile High City yet. The signature warm choc chip cookie was all we needed for supper and we quickly fell into a deep and dreamless sleep on a bank of feather pillows. the time difference evaporated, largely thanks to a very comfortable flight. Customs was very slick – helped by a self serve check-in machines – a big contrast to the experience we had in Seattle last time. Within minutes, we were being warmly welcomed by the usual assortment of friendly Americans, all admiring our accents.
I was struck by the pictures of Indians that lined the walls of Denver airport.  It was late and I was too tired to pull the camera out (hopefully, there will be a chance on the way back), but I am very keen to find out more about these people. Beautiful names and faces – all so distinctive to their own tribe – Navahoe, Apache and many more. I want to discover their story …

The hotel welcome sheet was interesting too. On the back was a set of instructions about marijuana. I think the law may have recently changed here and it is legal in Colarado now?

Denver in one day awaits – that is some “To Do” list!

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