You always feel so much better after a good night’s sleep don’t you?  I have a set of 6 blue mugs in my kitchen that all have a slightly different design.  My favourite was always the one with splashy blue splodges all over it and I always try to use that one if I can whenever I make the tea.  I looked at it this morning and decided I hated it now.  It looks a bit like a coronavirus.  I pushed it gently to the back of the cupboard behind all the other five.

I noticed happily that we hadn’t heard the rat for a couple of days, so I think maybe, just maybe, that poison actually worked?  The nice man from the Co-Op sent through our draft wills for review and I was pleased that we had worked through those on that very difficult day.  It was long overdue and it felt good to have put our affairs properly in order.

My magnolia is in full bloom, all the daffodils are out, the neighbours are planning an on the doorstep “Cheers” moment this evening (which is a first) and the Photography group teacher has set up an on line virtual session we can all log into next week.  Two magpies have settled into the large poplar tree I can see from my bedroom window.  There may be trouble ahead (there undoubtedly is) and the world is in the process of a seismic change the scale of which has not been seen since wartime.  All we really need to do though is to Keep Calm and Carry On – enjoying each day as it comes, being grateful for what we have and being as kind as we can to all those around us.  If you put it like that, it feels very doable really?

Must add to To Do List:  Research on line how best to support lonely people over the ‘phone for when my volunteering role starts; Find nice recipes with lentils and nuts; Try never to run out of tea.

If the worst happens though, I feel that in the new world – on the other side of all this chaos – there will always be someone who would lend me a tea bag and maybe – when social distancing is just a horrid memory – take the time for a chat and give me a hug too, if I needed it?  If nothing else, this crisis should unite people, generate a sense of community spirit on a scale that would previously have been unimaginable and make better people of all those who are lucky enough to survive.  Sleep well.  Stay safe.  See you on the other side.

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