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Kalbarri Edge Resort WA Lounge

Accommodation Review:  Kalbarri Edge Resort, Kalbarri

Kalbarri Edge Resort is an excellent place to stay in Kalbarri.  The resort is operated on a timeshare kind of basis, so owners come for 4 weeks a year and rent out their apartments for the remainder of the year, paying a management fee.  The apartment we had was very spacious with a well equipped kitchen, large gas Jumbuck barbie on the patio, a washing machine and a good sized spa bath.  There is also a swimming pool in the grounds.  The Tourist Office is just a short walk away as is the beach and a really good little supermarket.

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Kangaroos on Lucky Bay - Cape le Grand National Park

Esperance WA’s Best Beaches

The road from Bremer Bay to Esperance (home of Australia's best beaches) was long - very long - and straight.  There were hardly any vehicles on it except the odd road train (shortish) which gave you a start as it rushed past.  The road took us through interesting sounding places like Jerramingup, Munillinup and Nindilibillup.  Up means "place of" around here - I wonder what these places we were passing through were places of ...?  They didn't have enough interest to make us stop long enough to find out.  We were keen to press on to Esperance and explore all those beautiful beaches.  It took us around 4 hours in total to get here.

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Bye Bye Billings – A 1 Night Stand

Billings was our choice for a "one night stand" - only because it was about as far as we could drive towards Yellowstone without stopping really.  We walked up the top end of Main Street to buy a few bits and pieces we needed. The hotel was located right next to a liquor store with a friendly notice "No Soliciting" - and there was an all pervading smell of frying. We reached the CVS Driv Thru Pharmacy and asked the shop assistant if we should walk down the rest of MaIin Street to downtown Billngs? People drive, they don't walk. go if you like - but "I've lived here all my life - it's not real fun". thanks - We'll take a rain check on that!

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