This morning, we visited West Thumb Geyser Basin. This was a quieter area than Norris and there some interesting things to see there.  

There were a number of interesting sights here, but the best were:

​Abyss Pool – one of the deeper hot springs descending to 53 feet and varies from turquoise blue to emerald green and various shades of brown …

Fishing Cone – where in late 19th century, Visitors dressed in a chef’s hat and apron and had their picture taken cafching a fish I. The lake and cooking it in the “Chowder Pot”. That’s all stopped now – too many scalded feet and too much damage to the geyser edge

After a quick lunch at the diner style restaurant near Lake Lodge, we set off on the Elephant Back trail to get a good view of the lake from high up. It took us a couple of hours to get up and back – a pretty strenuous walk made harder by the need to clap your hands at every switchback and sing jingle bells at the top of your voice to scare the bears away. The signs at the trailhead are very off-putting indeed, but necessary, I suppose. The view from the top was lovely – you could see the islands in the lake where Pelicans nest, although to reach them would take for ever – it is wilderness territory – the birds choose it for their nesting ground because it is so inaccessible.

We enjoyed a Rusty Nail ale by the fireside at sundown – another lovely day here in Yellowstone. I think we have really done the Park justice, but you really need the 6 days to do that. We have the Old Faithful geyser basin still to explore – that is tomorrow’s trip.

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