The gym emails to say it is shutting.  Up to now, I have really frowned on all the panic buying that everyone has been indulging in and been resolute in not having any part of it myself.  This morning, I feel a rising sense of panic and realise that I just have to get to the shops – NOW! 

I make a careful list of essential items I need to last through the coming week and remember gratefully that I took up alpine gardening last year and bought a box of surgical gloves for sowing seeds.  I dash out to the garage to repurpose them and psych myself up to brave a trip to the shops  Many of the shelves are bare.  There are no toilet rolls – anywhere.  There is no soap either.  OK – so now, I am panicking and I begin to really understand the impulse and the fear.  If I can’t buy what I need, then maybe I should just buy what I can?  I come back with 12 bottles of strong beer, a packet of dry roasted peanuts, a gooey looking piece of flapjack, a Terry’s orange and a bottle of disinfectant.  I lost my shopping list en route somewhere, but at this point, that doesn’t really seem to matter too much?!  My husband is starting to see the positive side of this epidemic – he loves beer – and nuts – and I don’t think that Terrys orange will go to waste either. 

​The announcement is made that the schools are now going to shut.

Coronavirus - panic buying

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