The morning after the night before.  We transfer the cash to my daughter’s bank account to cover the cost of last night’s impromptu shopping spree and hide the gin bottle at the back of the cupboard.  I set up a series of virtual coffee breaks with my girlfriends and enjoy the novelty and comradery.  The compost I bought at the weekend finds its way into the empty pots that were sitting waiting for it and I now realise that I actually have nothing to plant in them.  A pleasant morning spent with my gardening books and catalogues results in another list. 

​When I log on to make my purchase though, I find that the panic buying that started with toilet rolls and soap has now spread through the booze aisles and reached as far as the on line nurseries.  It takes me two hours to scramble enough orders together to make the garden a somewhat more bearable place than it would be with just empty pots full of soil and to find sufficient packets of seed to set up a vegetable bed.  

Is on line shopping for anything non essential ethical ion the current climate though?  I weigh up the pros and cons in my own head and decide that it is good to keep the economy going as best we can over the next few weeks/months but resolve to check that the companies I am ordering from are all observing all the guidelines and keeping their employees safe.

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