Today, we took a cruise into Milford Sound.  It was raining which added to the beauty of this remote region immensely.  When it rains, all the non permanent waterfalls really come to life.  Within fifteen minutes of a rain shower stopping, many of the temporary waterfalls stop running,  When it pours with rain, Milford Sound pumps and roars with appreciation.

Fascinating Fact:
There are so many Maori words for water.  Some of the town names really start to make sense once you understand this:

Wairarapa – glistening water – we certainly saw that today
Waimaori – pure/sweet water
Waikimo – dangerous water
Waimate – dead water
Waiti – salt water
Waitapu – sacred water
Waimanawa-whenua – spring water


Experiencing the powerful rush of water from close up to the falls in Milford Sound on board the boat – it is impossible to capture the magnitude of this on a photo.

Watching the rain drip slowly through the channels of interlocking ferns in the forest and drip gently into the stream below – again – one to remember/experience first hand rather than attempt to capture on a photo.

Tips for Future Travellers:

The most popular restaurant in the small town of Te Anau books up very quickly.  Reserve your table on red or (03)249-7431.

With hindsight, we would only have booked the boat cruise segment on Milford Sound with Trips and Tramps.  The Milford Road is twisty, but easily drivable and the tramps section would have been better done independently than in a group.

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