The anniversary of the day we met.  I celebrate by cleaning the house furiously from top to bottom, paying particular attention to all the door handles, the taps and the doorbell.  The rat man promptly ruins it all by ringing the doorbell and touching every door handle in the house as he stomps upstairs into the loft to lay traps and trays of poison.  As I follow him upstairs, I check the cupboard and am horrified to find that I have just one toilet roll left.  My daughter rings to ask me if I have any toilet rolls I could let her have please?  Her house was broken into last week and her poor traumatised little Scottie dog is unable to contain herself.  We spend an anxious hour queuing in the chemist to pick up prescriptions for the next three months.  The space around the prescriptions counter is just too small to allow people to social distance and the poor pharmacists there are under real and visible pressure.  I leave my husband in the queue and stand in a quieter part of the shop and notice that my usual moisturiser is on a special two for one offer and that there are just two left.  Yes, I could manage without this.  Yes of course, it is not essential.  Yes, I buy both of them – and resolve to use it very, very sparingly from now on. We decide to cancel the restaurant reservation we made for our anniversary and stay in, cook and drink some wine instead.  Note to self – do NOT drink more than two glasses of wine because it makes you forget to use just one sheet of toilet paper…. I sleep lightly again, mentally working through the list of twenty five things we need to do to improve our home security that I made last week after my daughter got broken into and our neighbour’s car was pinched off their drive, but haven’t actually got around to actioning yet.

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