The weather really is on our side right now.  The Spring sunshine is wonderful.  It probably won’t last, but for now, I am really appreciating it and feeling glad to be alive.  As many other people are doing right now, I am re-evaluating what is really important in life and feeling very grateful for it.  One of the “funnies” pings in and makes me laugh – “my teacher told me I would never amount to much and now, I am sitting on my sofa saving the world!”.  I don’t want to sit on my sofa any longer though – the need to DO something overwhelms me.  I sign up for the NHS Volunteer Corps (which takes me half an hour) and start to think hard how I can best be of help to the community. 

The two hour meeting with the nice man from the Co-Op to re-write our wills takes place on the ‘phone because the Skype technology fails. This sort of chore is never pleasant at the best of times, but in the current environment, it feels even more unpleasant, because you might actually need to make use of it sooner than you think.  Added to that, I have to make a list of everything we own and in doing so, realise that our pension pot has now halved in value.  Stock markets will eventually bounce back of course – just like people do – but watching everything you have worked for disappear in front of your eyes is very sobering.  It is only money though.  Right now, keeping as many people as healthy as possible is really all that matters. 

When it’s all done, we drink a couple of glasses of gin and tonic to celebrate and scoff all the dry roasted peanuts we can find in the house.  My daughter rings to give us the good news that she has secured an online shopping slot and asks if there is anything we need?  The G&T has taken hold by now and we giggle as we add peanuts, gin and Terry’s oranges to the list…

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