Wick to Bettyhill - via Dunnet Head

Dunnet Head on the route from Wick to Bettyhill is actually the most northerly point of mainland Britain.  On a clear day, you can see the whole North Coast from Cape Wrath to Dunscansby Head.  Today was not very clear, unfortunately – it was blowing a gale strong enough to send the waterfalls upwards!

The Dunscansby Stacks are quite impressive.  It’s worth hiking out to get a good view off them.

Wick to Bettyhill Dunnet Head - the true furthest point North
Wick to Bettyhill Dunscanby Stacks
Dunscanby Stacks

Another stop en route worth taking the detour for is the RSPB Forsinard Flows (Flow – pronounced to rhyme with Now).  It is a 1544 mile squared expanse of blanket peat bog – the largest in the world.   There are boardwalks and flagstone paths through the bog with informative signboards – useful if you have never visited an area like this before.

Wick to Bettyhill Forsinard Flows
Forsinard Flows

Flora and Fauna:

Sundew plants grow in the bog.  They are carnivorous (they trap flies in a sticky goo substance they exude).  They have adapted this way to survive in a harsh land that offers them little other food.


Arrival at Betthyill Hotel – the view from the bedroom across Farr Beach was stunning.

Rainbow over Farr Beach.

Wish I'd Seen:

Puffins.  There are plenty in this part of the coast in the Summer time, but by August, they have all left their nesting grounds and flown out to sea.  Bottlenose dolphins also frequent these shores, but are a fairly rare sight.

Accommodation Review Bettyhill Hotel - View
View from Bettyhill Hotel over Farr Beach
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