Why is it that human nature makes you want to explore far away from home and ignore the beauty of all that lies right on your doorstep?  The UK has so much to offer anyone who loves the coast, nature, history and good food.  

The climate may not always be the best – but that’s all part of its diversity and appeal.  You are unlikely to need your sunscreen, you won’t need any nasty jabs and inoculations before you go and (if you live here) you won’t need to squash yourself into an aeroplane either.  Just pack your rain coat and your brolly and you will be fine!

You do need to know when and where to go though to get the most out of your trip.  I aim to write up as many of the short trips in my own country as I can to save you some planning time.  If you are visiting from abroad, you can zip them all up together and have a great vacation here.

I love hiking, wildlife, flowers/gardens and good food, so my trips will always include those as highlights.  I have a growing interest in photography too, which travelling is helping to develop.  It is one of those skills that takes a lifetime to master, so I will be doing my best to share what I learn along the way as I take photos that I hope will inspire you to visit places that I have enjoyed visiting.  

Help yourself to my itineraries and travel tips and have a great time exploring my homeland!

Lake District Derwent Water - Spring sunshine and swathes of daffodils

Lake District

Without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the UK and as a result, one of the most visited.  I will be doing my best to find out of the way spots away from the crowds.  Grab your hiking boots (and your rain gear) and let’s see what we can find to enjoy …

Beach Huts Wells-next-the-Sea


Norfolk – where the sea meets the sky.  So calm, so peaceful – a trip to Norfolk is always guaranteed to leave you more relaxed and refreshed than when you set out.  There are some delicious  foodie treats to enjoy here too – so – what are you waiting for?

One of Nature's Little Treats Highland Cow Scotland UK

Scotland - North Coast 500

Driving the North Coast 500 across the top of the Scottish coast had been on our Wishlist for a long time, so it was great to finally be able to book it up and go.  We chose October – after the crowds and the midges had evaporated.  Read more to see what we discovered en route.

Houseboat on Lindisfarne Northumberland


Beautiful Northumberland is relatively quieter than many parts of the UK coastline and all the more inviting for it.  There are beaches here to rival the best in the UK and beyond and if you travel out of season, you may well have them all to yourself.  Add to that the wildlife spotting opportunities and you have all the ingredients for a lovely short break.

Kynance Cove

South West Cornwall

Cornwall is popular with tourists for good reason.  Visiting out of season is the best way to find some peace and quiet and enjoy the beautiful beaches without the crowds.  If you are able to pick your time to visit so that you can enjoy reasonable weather, then there is nowhere better to be in Spring/Autumn. We spent 6 days travelling around Falmouth and Mullion Cove.  Click on read more for the full itinerary.