Of course, there is so much more to Africa than South Africa, but you have to start somewhere – right?  My first taste of Africa left me wanting a lot more.  I would love to visit South Africa again, but with so many other areas to explore, I probably never will.  I will add more trips to this page as I continue to explore what the rest of this magnificent continent has to offer.

I hope my itineraries are useful as a basis for planning your own trip.  Trip planning is time consuming.  It is great fun to do, but if you are short on time, then I hope I can take some of the hard work out of it for you?

I have used travel agents and I have booked direct – each has something to offer.  There is no doubt though that you can save a lot of money if you put the effort into planning a trip for yourself and book direct.  I include all the relevant links to make it easy for you to do that.

Travel is all about experiences and it doesn’t always go to plan.  I hope that I can pass on the benefit of my own experience so that you can avoid any pitfalls that might otherwise spoil your own trip.  My travel blog is an honest account of my own experience – there are no ads or affiliate links.  If I have enjoyed a trip, I hope to use my writing and photos to inspire you to travel there yourself.  If things don’t go well, then I think it is just as valuable to share that with you too so you get the real picture.  There are no glossy marketing brochures here!

It is often the case that you are only able to visit somewhere once in a lifetime – so do your research and make the most of it.  If you have found the content useful, please do leave me your feedback – I’d love to hear from you!

South Africa - Garden Route and Eastern Cape Safari

A balmy climate and the safari experience make South Africa a popular destination with good reason.  We chose the East Cape to avoid any malaria risk and found the hiking as enjoyable as the wildlife.  Read more to see the full itinerary.