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Living in the United Kingdom, Australasia is as far as you can go without coming back, which makes it time consuming and expensive to visit.    Investing some time in careful trip research before you go helps to make sure that you get the most out of your long journey.

Australia is HUGE and I have only discovered one part of it so far – Western Australia.  I was left wanting so much more and I have no doubt that I will be visiting Australia again just as soon as I can scrape the cash together for that long flight.

New Zealand is a much easier destination to fit into a three week trip.  With careful planning, you can see most of the highlights in that time.

I hope that you will find my travel itineraries useful as a basis for planning your own trip .  Planning a great trip is fun, but very time consuming, so if you are short of time (and I remember that phase of life very well!), let me help you take a few short cuts to planning the perfect trip without the expense of engaging a travel agent.

There is nothing like talking to someone who has actually been there, done that and got the T shirt to find out the truth of what to expect from a trip.    You won’t find any ads,  affiliate links or glossy marketing brochures here.  What you will find is an honest account of the trip as any good friend would give you.  My photos are all my own – so what you see is what you will get (just don’t blame me for the weather though?!)

If you have found the content useful, please do leave me your feedback – I’d love to hear from you!

New Zealand

Three weeks is enough to discover the best of New Zealand – you can fit in the North and South Islands fairly easily in that time.  The scenery is stunning and it is one of those destinations that you feel you just have to tick off your wish list isn’t it?

Western Australia

Of all the trips I have taken, my journey to the roads less travelled of Western Australia was definitely one of the most exciting.    Our trip was not picked out of a brochure – it was carefully planned independently and so much more enjoyable as a result.  Read more to see all WA has to offer.