Living in the United Kingdom, I am fortunate that Europe is right on my doorstep. Discover my travel itineraries and lots of practical tips for planning your own trip.

Whether you are visiting for a long weekend, a quick city break or a relaxing two week vacation – there really is something for everyone in Europe.  

Going out of season often helps you get even more out of your trip.  There is no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong choice of clothing, as the old saying goes.  As long as you have done your research and packed carefully, you can make the most of whatever the weather might throw at you.

Sun, sand, snow and ice – Europe has it all.  I love the natural world, so my trips usually involve a fair amount of walking/hiking and as much wildlife and flora as I can find.  I am a bit of a foodie too, so you will always find tips for new delicacies to sample and regional specialties.

Europe is just so diverse.  If I could pick only one continent to visit, then Europe would probably have to be it.  I just love the way that you can cross over borders and find a new language, culture and personality in each country you visit.  I aim to discover as much of it as I can over the coming years.

You will always find honest, objective posts on this site – no ads, no marketing.  I hope the content is useful to you when planning your own trips.  If you enjoy reading the blog, please do get in touch and let me know – I love hearing from you!


Great beer, a fascinating history, photo opportunities around every corner and a quirky, fun loving vibe make Amsterdam the perfect place for a long week-end. I visited with my daughter and we planned our trip meticulously.  Read more to see just how much we managed to cram in to the few days we spent there!


OK – you win some, you lose some.  I’m not going to lie – my trip to Finland (with Naturetrek) was the worst holiday I have ever taken.  It was so bad, it was funny and I have dined out on it for several years since.  If you want a laugh, then do read more.  The thing is – I want to go back – I really do – and I am sure the next time will be so much better?  

Gran Canaria

The best thing about Gran Canaria, I think, is the climate.  You can escape the cold days of late Winter in the UK and feel the sunshine warm your bare toes, reminding you that Spring is just around the corner We stayed on a holiday complex but hired a car and went exploring the island.  Read more to see what we found there.


I visited Norway on a Hurtigruten cruise in the depths of Winter with the aim of seeing the Northern Lights.  Hurtigruten give you a guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights or a free cruise – so I knew I probably wouldn’t be disappointed.  Read more to see what else there is to discover in Norway though – there is so much more to it than the Northern Lights.

Picos de Europa

Group holidays aren’t normally my choice – I prefer to design my own trip and travel independently.  This holiday turned out to be a great choice though.  Well organised by Colletts Mountain Holidays, we were allocated an expert guide who helped me to discover more wild flowers in the mountains than I could ever have dreamed possible.  Read more to see all the photos.

France - Dijon

Discover the Delicacies of Dijon in 1 Day. Dijon is a foodie destination not to be missed. Come & take a stroll through its quaint streets with me …

Enjoy it’s medieval buildings, sample its many regional specialties.  Treat yourself to a stay at the Grand Hotel La Cloche – The heart of delectable Dijon awaits you.

Spain - The Catalan Coast

We’re Walking the Catalan Coast – Y Viva Espanã. This week, I’m off to sunny Spain (as the song goes), but I’m not taking the Costa Brava plane.  Instead, I am embarking on my first walking holiday with Inn Travel – the Slow Holiday people,  Join me for a week long hike along 80 kilometres of the stunning coastline of the Catalan Costa Brava. 

Southern Ireland - 10 Days from Dublin

Exploring the highlights of Southern Dublin on a 10 Day Round Trip Tour from Dublin.  Honest Accommodation Reviews – Where to stay and where NOT to stay.  Tell it as it is photos – there were highlights and lowlights on this trip!  Read more to inform your own trip planning and get the most out of your stay.

The Italian Lakes - Lake Orta & Lake Maggiore

Little Lake Orta is Piccolo e Perfetto.  A hidden gem of a lake that is easy to visit on the shortest of short breaks.  Neighbouring Lake Maggiore is five times larger and has a cop0letely different vibe.  Visit them both – gusto et passione await you …

The Original Ice Hotel - Jukkasjärvi - Sweden

A trip to the Ice Hotel Sweden is a definite bucket list must do. But what is it REALLY like to stay there?  The original Ice Hotel in tiny Jukkasjärvi gives you the authentic cold room experience that bucket lists are made of.  You can also enjoy exhilarating snowmobile and husky dog sledding adventures to ensure your trip is unforgettable. 

Lanzarote on Foot - Unexpected, Unexplored, Understated

Lanzarote on Foot – There is so much more to discover on this island than Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen. Read more to discover the unexplored side of Lanzarote – best discovered on foot.

The Golden Isles - Côte d'Azur

If you think the Côte d’Azur is all about row upon row of sun loungers lined up in the tourist hot spots of Nice, Monaco Cannes and St, Tropez, then be prepared to think again.  The Côte d’Azur has a wild side.  4 days walking on the Golden Isles could change the way you think about the French Riviera for good.

Croatia - Zadar

You could be easily forgiven for never having heard of Zadar. This seaside city is often overlooked for the more popular cities of Split and Dubrovnik. Let me give you 10 very good reasons to go there and discover it for yourself …


Clean cities, trains that run on time, larch clad mountains, flower filled pastures and lakes which mirror the most beautiful vistas you can imagine.  All they say about Switzerland is true.  A trip to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is a bucket list must do.

France - A Year in Uzès

Uzès – a medieval market town in the sunny South of France with something to offer travellers in every season. I was fortunate to own a holiday home here for over 22 years – read on for insider tips on visiting Uzès – la belle ville – all through the year.


Winter Sun with a Difference - Fuschl am See

When Christmas is well and truly over but the snowdrops remain stubbornly buried underground, many of us in the UK yearn for a spot of Winter sunshine.  But where best to find it?  Fuschl am See in Austria offers you Winter sunshine with a difference – reflected on pristine white snow.


Travelling takes time and money and hindsight is a wonderful thing.  I have just returned from 3 days in Cordoba and can share with you the benefits of having been there and getting the T shirt.  Hopefully, my travel tips will aid your own trip planning research and help you to get the most out of your visit.

Gargano Peninsula - Puglia

Walking the Gargano Peninsula - Mattinata

If you are looking for peace and tranquility and a little Dolce Vita, then walking the Gargano Peninsula (the Great Spur just above the heel of Italy‘s boot) might just be your perfect trip.

Beautiful remote forests, a stunning coastline and wonderful cuisine.  What more could you want?


Looking to spend 3 days in Barcelona – the vibrant Spanish city that has it all?  I have been there and got the T shirt.  Readmore for plenty of practical tips and a suggested 3 day itinerary for your own visit.

Hungary - Budapest

Bridges, Spas and Bars – Budapest (Eastern Europe’s Rival to Paris) has many of them, but there is a whole lot more to explore there too …