America is huge and I have only just begun to scratch its surface – but the more I explore, the more I like it.   Use my travel itineraries as a basis for planning your own trip – I hope I can help take some of the hard work out of it for you?

There is nothing like talking to someone who has actually been there, done that and got the T shirt to find out the truth of what to expect from a trip.  My travel blog is an honest account of my own experience – there are no ads or affiliate links.  

When I have enjoyed a trip, I hope to pass on the excitement to inspire you to plan your own journey.  I include lots of insider insights and practical tips so you can benefit from my experience and get the most out your own travels.

It is often the case that you are only able to visit somewhere once in a lifetime – so do your research and make the most of it.  If you have found the content useful, please do leave me your feedback – I’d love to hear from you!


Yes, it is a long way to go.  Yes, it is very cold there most of the time.  Yes, it is also very dark for much of the year, but pick the right time to go and there is so much to discover about this far flung corner of the world.  Read more to discover all the best Alaska has to offer the intrepid traveller.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica – Pura Vide.  If I could choose where to go on honeymoon, I think it would be Costa Rica.  It has it all – friendly people, great food and absolutely stunning flora and fauna.  If you are looking for the luxury trip of a lifetime, click on read more and start planning it now!

Deep South USA

If you are a music lover, then this really is a “must do” trip for you.  The Deep South USA has it all – rock, blues, jazz, country.  Add to that a unique foodie scene and a complex history and you have all the ingredients for a great travel experience.


Yellowstone is the star of the show – but you also have Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain National Parks so close by that you can easily visit them all in one trip.  If you plan your trip carefully, there is so much you can fit in.  I hope I can help – read more for all the details.

South America - Brazil

We started our trip to Brazil – our first time in South America – with 2 days in Rio de Janeiro.  Discover 20 things to top to make the most of your visit to this vibrant Cidade Maravilhosa.

The Caribbean Islands

I once had a friend who visited the Caribbean Islands on a Cruise Ship and only got off twice in a whole fortnight. “I didn’t bother after that, because all the islands are the same?” This December, I was on a mission to find out if she was right – or not.