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Costa Rica What To Pack

This is a tough trip to pack for because we have a maximum 40lb luggage allowance as we are taking internal flights.  It’s therefore definitely a case of less is more.

The essentials include:

  1. A Rashie – really useful for keeping the sun off your arms/shoulders when you are swimming and for water rafting. They are lightweight and crease free too.
  2. Leggings for white water rafting
  3. Reefies
  4. Hiking gear –
  5. Trainers
  6. Sandals
  7. Shorts
  8. Convertible trousers.
  9. Lightweight waterproof
  10. Insect repellant – I never leave for a trip without that!
  11. Binoculars – also bulky – but worth taking on this trip as the wildlife (particularly birds) is so abundant.
  12. Adaptors for Costa Rica
  13. A new purchase – a waterproof pouch the fits inside my very useful little packable rucksack.  This is always an indispensable item, but it needed a waterproof pouch to protect my phone/purse when rafting/kayaking.
  14. A torch.  It looks like there are going to be some great opportunities for early morning and evening hikes in the forest – but you may miss seeing everything without a torch.  It is something I always take with me anyway – I have been grateful for it so many times on long dark walks back to our accommodation after dinner.

Fortunately, it looks as though wellies are provided where we are staying, otherwise, we would have to fit these in too somehow.

Obviously – I will be packing my Camera – although I am giving the iPhone 11 a good test on this trip to see how it compares to my DSLR.  I love my camera, but it it is heavy and bulky.  The ‘phones are so advanced these days, it is a tough call.

Costa Rica What to Pack Waterproof pouch
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