Costa Rica - Pura Vide. What is it all about?

It's time to join me on another journey and find out what pura vide means...

Costa Rica is a tiny country – it’s postage stamp size in fact.  It is 128th in the world in terms of size – 19730 square miles.  170 miles across and 288 miles long.

We have allocated just short of three weeks to discover all the best that this country has to offer.  The nice thing about Costa Rica is that it’s diminutive size means that three weeks should be enough to experience both coasts – Caribbean and Pacific and to see some of the interior as well.  Another plus point is that you don’t need any complicated visas or vaccinations.  You just pack your bags and you go – so that’s all good!

My Lonely Planet guidebook tells me that Costa Rica offers a pure vide (pure life) experience.  “Pura vide … means hello, goodbye, everything’s cool, same to you … You may enter the country not believing it, but after a week, you’ll be saying to too.”  It sounds like it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride then.  Here is our itinerary …


When I am looking forward to a trip, I always like to think up a few questions that I can find the answer to as I explore.  In Costa Rica, I’m wondering:

  1. What is pure vide all about – have the Ticos (Costa Ricans) really discovered a magic formula for life?
  2. Do sloths really move so little that their coats grow moss?
  3. What does 100 percent humidity feel like – nasty or nice?
  4. Will I be encouraged to plant a tree to help reverse deforestation?
  5. Do capuchin monks always have a curse in the end of their tail – does it ever go straight?
  6. What does the famous resplendent quetzal really look like?
  7. When you wake up in a rainforest, what can you hear?
  8. What is it like to take a shower outside – this will be a first for me!

It’s time to join me on the journey …

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