Lapa is the Costa Rican name for the scarlet macaw.  When the American couple who founded Lapa Rios first visited the area, they spotted a number of macaws flying across the jungle in tandem, creating a river of red.  Inspired by this beautiful image, they named the lodge Lapa Rios – River of Scarlet Macaws.  It took them 8 years of searching to find the perfect place to realise their vision of creating an eco lodge in Costa Rica.  They poured everything into it – savings, pension pots, heart and soul.  It was well worth it – this is such a stunning place.

Today, the 17-bungalow lodge preserves more than 1,000 acres of primary and secondary rainforest, and assists in the development of the local community. Since its opening in 1993, Lapa Rios is one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the world.

Our bungalow had an uninterrupted view of the Pacific Ocean from every angle.  Whether you were sitting in one of the two queen beds, on the terrace or in the indoor shower, you could look out onto the sea.  An outdoor shower and a white lacey hammock completed the picture perfectly.  The room is completely open (with mosquito nets fitted all around) allowing you to feel the sea breeze as you lie in bed – no need for air con here!  Mosquitos were not a problem at all during our stay – and if there was one, it would definitely have found me!  The bungalows allow you to completely immerse yourself in the rainforest – a truly memorable experience.

There is a wide range of complimentary activities available and a customised  itinerary is carefully prepared with you at the start of your stay so you can make the absolute most of your time here.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of fresh local food immaculately prepared and presented – true perfection.  Coffee/tea is brought to your bungalow at 6am (or whatever time you choose) and sundowners can be requested at 4.30.  Drinks are very reasonably priced for a hotel of this quality too.  Only alcoholic drinks are chargeable – everything else is complimentary.

I thought it was not possible to improve on the luxury of Nayara – but it is.  With one hotel left to experience, Lapa Rios Eco Lodge definitely wins the best hotel award for this trip so far.  I wished I could have stayed five days here – there would have been plenty enough to do.

The only downside is the very long steep climb from the bungalows uo to the lodge and pool, but everything else is just so exceptional, that ceases to matter – but it definitely isn’t disabled friendly.

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