Arenal Volcano/Nayara Springs

The drive to Arenal Volcano takes around 2 hours, allowing for a relaxing start to the day.  The two lane road was mostly well made, but there were several sections which had broken up to gravel.  Fruit sellers dot themselves all along the road – no problem finding your five a day in this tropical environment!

Flora and Fauna

The day started early with monkey business.  A cheeky white-faced capuchin monkey took up residence on top of the roof of the hotel spa looking for all the world like he was passing time before his massage appointment.  In reality, he was looking for food, of course, but was a bit too shy to stroll into the restaurant and choose a table for breakfast.
White Capuchin Faced Monkey Nayara Resort Costa Rica
Capuchin Monkey Nayara Resort Costa Rica
Capuchin Monkey Business
Capuchin Monkey Nayara Resort Costa Rica

Foodie Firsts

A warm welcome at Nayara Springs and the return of the sun enticed us into sampling a Caribbean fashion cocktail and spending the rest of the day doing little more than exploring everything this very beautiful resort has to offer – see the accommodation review for all the details.

Caribbean Fashion Cocktail – 7 year old Centenario rum, coconut water infused with rice, cinnamon and orang peel, orange syrup and angostura bitters
Guaro Sour – a local cocktail made with a clear liquid distilled from sugar cane.

The resort works with the family run Beneficio (processing facility) in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica in the small community of La Violeta.  The higher altitude gives the coffee its distinctive chocolate and nutty flavour.

Pistachio Frappuccino – courtesy of the resort’s excellent coffee tasting bar.


Nayara Resort Costa Rica Welcome Drinks
Hola Arenal! - Caribbean Fashion Cocktails

Learning the Lingo

Hermoso dia – Beautiful Day

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