Bye Bye Billings - A 1 Night Stand

Give it a Miss

Billings was our choice for a “1 night stand” – only because it was about as far as we could drive towards Yellowstone without stopping really.  The only thing to recommend Billings really is that it is quite close to Yellowstone. We walked up the top end of Main Street to buy a few bits and pieces we needed. The hotel was located right next to a liquor store with a friendly notice “No Soliciting” – and there was an all pervading smell of frying.

We reached the CVS Driv Thru Pharmacy and asked the shop assistant if we should walk down the rest of Main Street to downtown Billings? She hesitated, looked very doubtful and rather serious and then advised with a conviction built on years of experience:

“People drive here, they don’t walk. Go if you like – but I’ve lived here all my life – it’s not real fun”.   Thanks for the honest view – we’ll take a rain check on that!The best bit about Billings is – you’re nearly in Yellowstone. if I had to live here, I could probably find a way of making life OK – but I wouldn’t ever choose to live here. 


Tips for Future Travellers

Flagg Ranch might have made a good stop – pitched between South Yellowstone and North Grand Teton, you could go either way, depending on your mood.  Gardiner is a good place for the north end of Yellowstone and Red Rocks is potentially a good alternative to Billings en route.

Bye bye Billings – we should have stayed somewhere else …