Dinosaur Log Jam

Dinosaur National Monument – Utah

We drove down to Grand Junction today, on the last but one leg of our big round trip.  The road from Rock Springs to Grand Junction is long, mostly straight (aside from the many hairpin bends around Douglas Pass) and passes through miles and miles and miles of open country. We hardly saw a car or a building all the way except for the odd town on the road.  This is such a big country – you forget the sheer scale of it until a drive like this reminds you.
We have driven through several States so far: Colorado, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and now, we can Utah to our collection. John Denver and Glen Campbell kept us company along the way – “Take me home, country roads”.
Dinosaur National Monument Take me home country roads
Take me home country roads

Turning off the long route at Vernal allows you to visit the Dinosaur National Monument.  It’s well worth the trip.  We walked the fossil trail which is a short hike through desert country.

There were fossils to see all along the trail, but it is hard to identify them if you are not exavtly sure what you are looking for. We walked the trail with a family whose son was convinced he could see bones everywhere. His Dad was less convinced – “your’e asking the guy who can’t even find the ketchup in the fridge to find a fossil?!” The indicative white arrows had been largely rubbed off, so that made things significantly more challenging. We definitely found one exhibit though – see photo!

Dinosaur National Monument Fossil
Dinosaur National Monument - Fossil - the white arrow is proof we did actually see one

Dinosaur Wall

We got to the famous Dinosaur Wall eventually though. This is a huge wall of rock that has been protected by building the Visitor Centre over it.

The dinosaurs here died from drought – they gathered around the river that ran through this land trying to drink the last drop, This is why there are so many fossils gathered in this one place – a huge dinosaur log jam!  The scale of the wall is truly amazing – really hard to capture on a photo.

Dinosaur National Monument Dinosaur Log Jam Utah
Dinosaur National Monument - Dinosaur Log Jam Utah
Dinosaur National Monument Dinosaur Wall
Dinosaur National Monument - Dinosaur Wall
Dinosaur National Monumen Allosauraus Jammadseni
Allosauraus Jammadseni

Grand Junction

Grand Junction is a nice place to stay – a foodie location. There was also a huge choice of whiskies – all too tempting. 

Foodie Firsts

We found a great restaurant downtown – Bin 707. They specialise in local cheese and produce – yummy.  

Our new beer tasting was the Dirty Hippy brewed locally in Palisade.  It is deep and satisfying – a bit like Newcy Brown Ale, only served ice cold?!

Dinosaur National Monument Artisan Cheese Menu
Artisan Cheese Menu - Bin 707 - Grand Junction

We are aiming to explore Pallsade a bit more tomorrow … after a good night’s sleep on that huge bank of feather pillows that is waiting for us … as John Denver would say – “and soft as a downy chick!”