The Lowlight - Seasickness on Hurtigruten

Gale force winds were blowing all day today meaning that the ship was rocking about a lot leaving many people feeling nauseous – including me.  The on board shop was doing. roaring trade in sea sickness tablets – even the crew were taking them. The decks were closed, which meant you couldn’t even get a breath of air.  Everything began to feel very claustrophobic.  Unfortunately, seasickness on Hurtigruten is something you may well have to put up with if the weather is rough – which it often is – so come prepared!

It got worse – the afternoon hike was cancelled as the ship couldn’t even dock at Brønnøysund.  As the evening wore on, there were warnings that you needed to make sure you didn’t leave anything that could roll around in your cabin.  Many tables in the restaurant were left empty as people had decided not to go for dinner.  The ship left sheltered waters – which already felt pretty choppy to me! – at 9.30 and travelled over rough seas with 13m high waves for the next 4 hours. The lifts were out of action and most people were hunkered down in their cabins waiting for it all to be over.   I was glad of the sea sickness pills which helped me sleep through most of it.

By Day 11, the wind had blown its course and by the time we arrived in Trondheim at 7.45am, it felt almost Spring like when we finally got outside into the air.  We did our last hike of the voyage which was an amble along the coast.  We wore crampons as there was still a lot of ice around, although a lot of the snow the had been here last week had disappeared.  It was nice to be out in the fresh air, but there wasn’t really much to see.  The most interesting site was the recycling bin on the beach for disposable barbecues – proper disposal facilities have had to be provided due to the increasing popularity of these .

Seasickness on Hurtigruten Lowlight Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have
Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have
Seasickness on Hurtigruten Lowlight Norway - BBQ Recycling Bin
Norway - BBQ Recycling Bin

Weather like last night is not uncommon so you are quite likely to experience it if you take a Hurtiguten voyage.  Best to focus on what you have though (i.e. good memories of the Northbound trip) – and not what you want/wish for.