4 Weeks in Western Australia - The Road Less Travelled

Another exciting road trip begins.  4 weeks in Western Australia – the road less travelled – will take us on a journey through a land which offers so much:  national parks, Aboriginal culture and the closest fringing coral reef.  We will take a month to travel over 5,300 kilometres going South from Perth through the Margaret River region and then travelling up the coast to the North as far as the Ningaloo Reef before heading back home.

Esperance WA's Best Beaches WA Road Trip
We are visiting in October – Springtime – in the hope of seeing the best of the wildflowers in this region and avoiding the heat of the Summer.   Once we leave the bright lights of Perth behind and head up the Coral Coast, there is no well-oiled tourist conveyor belt follow.  This is the road less travelled – roads are uncrowded and the population sparse – heavenly.

4 week WA Road Trip - Itinerary

Western Australia Itinerary Australasia
Western Australia Itinerary Australasia

Our trip is based on extensive research over a number of months.  When I had compiled a list of all the places we wanted to visit and where we would ideally like to stay and priced it up, I contacted The Flight Centre/Round the World Experts and asked them to quote.  As there was only £10 difference, I decided to book through them rather than booking each place individually through the internet.  This is a first for us – normally, we book ourselves and save the travel agent fees – so I am very interested to see how it works out in practice and will give an honest assessment at the end of the trip to help you make your own decision about whether to book independently or via an agent.

Visiting a new country is always so exciting and the pre trip curiosity is one of the best bits.  I have so many questions in my mind right now:

  1. What does a coolibah tree (like the one you go waltzing under the shade of with Maltilda)  look like?
  2. How true are all the stories of poisonous snakes and spiders, lethal jellyfish and crocodiles and sharks that eat you whole =- is it REALLY that scary a place to hang out?
  3. How much of a nuisance are the flies – and does ANYONE actually wear a hat with corks hanging all around it to keep them away these days?
  4. What does Vegemite taste like – is it really that bad?!
  5. How big is a kangaroo in real life – I’m hoping it isn’t true that the first ‘roo you see is usually the one that comes through your windscreen …
  6. Will I actually be able to see a wallaby, a wombat, a koala, a kookaburra, a quokka, an echidna and a duck billed platypus?
  7. Does the water really go the wrong way down the plug hole (it goes anti-clockwise in the UK – I checked this morning …)?
  8. What is Aboriginal Dreamtime/Dreaming and Songlines all about?
  9. How are the Aborignes treated these days?
  10. Last – but not least …  Do the crows really fly backwards (to keep the dust from their eyes)?

I hope to find the answer to all of these questions over the coming month and probably come up with a whole new series of questions along the journey that aren’t even in my mind yet.  Before I visit a new country, I like to do my research and have a pretty clear picture in my mind of what I expect to discover there – but it’s all in black and white until I set foot on the new territory and start the really fun bit of colouring it all in.  I can’t wait for the new adventure to begin now ….

4 weeks in Western Australia The Road Less Travelled WA Road Trip Australasia