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Arrival in Perth

We left home in the UK at 10.45 on Friday morning and arrival in Perth was at 5.30 on the following Saturday afternoon losing several hours, some beauty sleep and all track of time in the process.  

The flight was smooth and gave us the opportunity to see a couple of great films – Yesterday and Fisherman’s Friend – on the way.  Thanks again Emirates!

After a couple of delicious local craft beers at a bar on Elizabeth Quay, we were ready for bed.  

The plumbing at the Pan Pacific Hotel left something to be desired though and twenty minutes of loud screeches and water hammer like a demented woodpecker woke us at midnight.  The next few hours of jet lagged half sleep half wake were broken early in the morning with the beautiful sound of tropical birdsong – so many of them, so loud and for so long – right here in the heart of the city of Perth – who knew?!

OK – confession time – the birdsong was the alarm I had set for my “Do not Disturb” on my ‘phone to save me being woken up in the night by my doorbell back home.  It took me a good fifteen minutes to realise that it wasn’t actually real  ??!!
Arrival in Perth Elizabeth Quay by night
Perth Elizabeth Quay by night