Amsterdam Day 4 - Three days is just not quite enough to fit everything in!


We had just half a day left to spend in Amsterdam before an early afternoon flight back to the UK.  The only area of the city that we hadn’t really explored so far was the Rembrandtplein., so we headed there for Amsterdam Day 4.   Getting to it gave us the perfect excuse to walk back in warm sunshine through some of the prettiest canals and streets and soak up the atmosphere of a quiet Sunday morning in  Amsterdam.

On Sundays, the square is filled with artists displaying their wares and makes a pleasant place for a stroll and a coffee stop to watch the world go by for a moment or two.  As we hadn’t managed to see Rembrandt’s Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum, it was good to see a huge 3D statue of it in the square.  Visiting after dark would have been a completely different experience I think though – there are many bars here and I am sure it would be pretty lively at night.

Amsterdam Canals
Amsterdam Canals

Tips for Future Travellers

There is a lot to see in this city – although we saw most of the major sites and walked through every part of the city – we were both left wanting more. and a return visit someday is definitely on the list.  The liberal attitude to almost everything makes it a relaxing place to be – even though it is a capital city.  You can pretty well be anything you want to be here.  The low crime rate and low-key policing make it a safe city to visit on a girly trip or solo.

Wish I'd Seen

Sigh …  The Rijksmuseum, and Petronella’s doll’s house.

Wish I'd Packed

A mobile phone power pack – the navigation app used a lot of battery power.  Definitely on my list to buy for future travels.


Amsterdam Day 4
Amsterdam Day 4 Goodbye Amsterdam!
Goodbye Amsterdam!

Left Wanting More?

So – are you wondering whether my curiosity around soft drugs got the better of me …?

For better or worse, we decided not to sample any of the smorgsbord of soft drugs made so freely available to us during our short stay here.  I figured that if they are illegal in so much of the world, then there has to be a good reason for that.  Maybe it would have been a good experience, but perhaps it is sometimes better to leave a place wanting more?