The World's Most Beautiful Voyage

Hurtigruten Norway Itinerary

Tomorrow, we embark on “the world’s most beautiful voyage” on the Hurtigruten line, departing from Bergen and travelling over 2,500 nautical miles to the Top of the World at the North Cape.  We hope to see the Northern Lights (there is a guarantee of a free cruise of you don’t) en route and then retrace our steps slowly back South down the coast to Bergen.  

The voyage will last a total of 12 days, crosses the Arctic Circle twice and visits 34 Nordic ports along the way.

The World's Most Beautiful Voyage Norway Itinerary
The World's Most Beautiful Voyage - Norway Hurtigruten Itinerary

Glad I Packed

As the Hurtigruten literature advises, I’m packing “like an explorer”:

Thermal underwear – 2 sets
Snow boots and crampons – mine are good down to -20 degrees (fingers crossed!)
SLR camera and tripod with a wide angle lens (for the Northern Lights)
Two spare camera batteries , because the cold plays havoc with them
Kindle and games – the days are short up North!
Lipsalve and sunscreen
Thick coat
Warm hat with ear flaps
Merino buff – to pull up over my mouth and nose if things get tough!
Insulated gloves and silk glove liners – so I can operate my camera in the cold
Swimsuit (well, best be prepared – it’s on the Hurtigruten list!?!)