Today is our last day. Disembarkation was, as I expected, a bit tedious. We had pre-booked a shuttle bus transfer to Vancouver airport which, with the benefit of hindsight was a mistake. We could have taken a taxi to the airport for less or a sky train for less than that! Instead, we spent an unnecessary couple of hours being herded into lines for an overloaded shuttle bus bay. Still, having got rid of our bags at the airport left luggage check-in, we spent the afternoon exploring Vancouver. We walked along the waterfront and refreshed our memory of this lovely city. Vancouver airport is very passenger friendly and the city is clean and lively too – a great place for a stopover. We are not stopping over, however, as real life is recalling us. Our check- in is at 17.40 for a 20.40 departure, arriving 9 hours later at London Heathrow. At this point, we lose 7 and a half hours of life. Still, I suppose we gained them on the way out, so we shouldn’t feel too short changed.

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