We stopped at Victoria Falls this morning, just off the A832 out of Shieldaig, Gairloch.  (NB – there are two Shieldaigs on this area – one near Gairloch and the other Torridon!).  You can take the short walk right up close to the falls without risking falling in – it’s a very pretty spot.

The weather had closed in, so we spent most of the day driving the remainder of the North Coast 500 route down the wild West coast, including the hairpin bends down the Applecross to Lochcarron stretch, which is a breathtaking road.  We saw two RVs attempting it despite the very clear warnings that it is unsuitable for them.  The sunshine and rain showers meant that we saw many beautiful rainbows along the road – at one point, we drove right underneath one!

Makes you smile:
Benn Eigh Visitor Centre was doing its best in very wet conditions.  They get 2 metres of rain a year and 2/3 days are wet.  A. board in the Visitor Centre invited you to note what you had spotted on your walks.  People had mostly written midges, slugs and bumblebees – nothing as exotic as a golden eagle, otter or deer!

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