Last Chance Saloon

Hitting the Sweet Spot in Denver

We had a couple of hours drive to reach Denver again after checking out of our Estes Park lodgings.  I was left wanting more on our first visit here, so it was easy plan the few hours we had left to us today.

I had three objectives in mind:

  1. See Grand Union Station,
  2. Visit the enticing looking Cheesecake Factory
  3. Take a photo of the Mile High City skyline…
Sweet Spot Grand Union Station Denver
Grand Union Station Denver

Grand Union Station – tick! Art deco style – never fails to please.

Foodie Firsts - The Cheesecake Factory - Hitting the Sweet Spot!

The cheesecake factory – tick! Just look at the range of choice here – I plumped for chocolate and macadamia nut, which really hit the sweet spot.

The Cheesecake Factory Denver
The Cheesecake Factory Denver

Mile High City

The view of the Mile High City Skyline ? Abismal failure – again!  We drove to the junction of 17th and Colorado (not that easy to navigate) which is where my now in the bin guide book said you could get the best panorama of the Denver skyline.   Nothing but trees and a lake.

Maybe I was in the wrong place, but we didn’t have enough time to explore any further – the flight home awaits and we have to negotiate the freeways back to the airport and buy gas yet.  You will have to make do with the central clock tower and a panorama of the lake in City Park I am afraid.  For once, in my life, I am actually looking forward to the flight home – I am planning to sleep most of the way, after downing the welcome aboard glass of champagne…

Sweet Spot Denver City Park Lake View
Denver City Park Lake View
Clock Tower Denver
Clock Tower Denver