I always think “What I’m Packing” lists are so useful – I love reading other people’s. even better would be the “What I wished I had packed (but forgot to) …” and “Things I packed, but never used or wore!” Let’s hope my “What I’m Packing” list is so good that I have nothing to write on the other two! So – here goes:
6 technical T shirts
2 technical vests
2 merino long sleeved tops
1 roll neck sweater
5 long sleeved technical tops
Waterproof jacket in pouch
Fleece gilet
Technical gilet
3 long sleeved technical shirts
1 lightweight fleece
1medium weight fleece
1 warm weight fleece
1 pair very lightweight trekking trousers
2 pairs lightweight trekking trousers
1 pair trekking convertibles
1 pair waterproof trekking trousers
2 pairs jeans
3 pairs leggings
5 short sleeved T shirts
2 layering vests
3 long sleeved T shirts
2 lightweight jumpers
1 evening blouse
1 maxi dress
1 cardigan
1 nightshirt
2 swimsuits
Underwear and socks
Merino buff
Fleece buff
Leather hat – foldable with bag
Woolly Hat
2 wash bags 1 dry, 1 wet
Inflatable neck pillow
Rucksack handbag
Hiking boots
Hiking shoes
Packable pumps
Patent pumps
Muddy shoe bags
Camera and charger
Head torch & batteries
IPad and charger
IPhone (iPod) and earphones
Apple photo transfer connector
Kindle and charger
Packable rucksack
Small thermos flask
Lonely Planet – Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
Insect repellent
Anti histamine tablets and cream
Emergency steroid tablets
Sun cream
Antiseptic cream
Heat patches
Travel wash
Nail clippers
Nail file
Nail varnish remover pads
Mending Kit
Contact Lenses
Overnight Bag
Jewellery Roll
Hair styler – with the right plug!
Spare glasses
Prescription sunglasses



Itinerary and Booking Vouchers
ETSA Visa Waiver
Travel wallet and dollars

Hmmmm – This lot was hard to fit into my case .  Fortunately, this trip involves getting around via hire car rather than public transport, so I can take my large case. For future trips, I will maybe need to pack lighter and wash more!

I have some new things in my case this trip:

My travel camera – really looking forward to trying that out.

My fleeced hooded buff – hopefully, this will keep my aching neck warm on cold mornings …

Our head torches – bought because I read in the guidebook that a must do thing was a canoe trip at sunrise to the middle of a lake in Grand Teton where you should see moose around the lake as the sun comes up. Sounds magical – whether we will ever do it I don’t know – but we won’t be stopped by lack of a head torch anyway!


Yellowstone Head Torches packing list western USA National Parks Trip

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